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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qi Screen

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter & analyze valuable data with ease

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for each Unique Challenge across Industries


A Problem Solving and Project Management Software based on Toyota's PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.


A Daily Improvement Dashboard for “SQDC” with optional AI integration

SolvoNext - NCR CAPA

A simplified Quality Management Software to make the shop floor NCR and CAPA process more efficient and improve COPQ

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Take a Digital Approach towards

Manufacturing Excellence & Competitive Advantage

ORCA LEAN Digital Solutions North America Inc. is a Manufacturing Excellence Company that empowers Manufacturers with a unique suite of Digital Software and AI applications, giving them an Operational Competitive Advantage in the Industry

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Our 3 Key Principles

 Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions must empower the Shop Floor Teams

 Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions must Improve KPI ( key performance metrics )

 Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions must expand the knowledge of an organization

At ORCA LEAN, all our products from conception to deployment follow these principles. We pride ourselves as a Manufacturing Excellence partners rather than a software development company.


Our Story

Lean Manufacturing works well, it needs to however, work Faster.

ORCA LEAN was started with the idea of speeding up the gains in KPI's. With 20 years of Experience in Manufacturing, our Founders were passionate to solve the problem of “slow improvements” that grips the industry even after several companies spending large amounts of money on improvement initiatives and hours of training their employees.

How long will it take for a plant to reach 95 % First Time Quality, 85 % OEE, Zero Safety Incidents, or simply meeting their sustainability goals ? Why are plants launching new products and repeating the same mistakes in manufacturing processes ?

Started in 2022, ORCA LEAN is a new company but our core competence is built over 2 decades of Manufacturing Excellence results.


We know we can get there.

Can we get there faster ?


Our Team

Manufacturing & Software Experts work together to create Unique Solutions

ORCA LEAN is a product and result oriented organization, which means we invest most of our time and resources in carefully listening to our customers and developing a product that will eventually provide results. We believe that Manufacturing needs to be more functional than flamboyant. Manufacturing profitability creates jobs and a long term competitive advantage.

Our Team consists of core manufacturing experts and senior advisors from within the manufacturing industry who have held Senior level plant management and Operational Excellence jobs within North America, which gives them a deep cultural understanding of north american factories, as well as innovative processes . They work in close collaboration with our inhouse team of software experts who have in depth skills for Full Stack development, AI / ML, UI / UX, Devops and Cybersecurity.

Our Team culture is built upon providing results in manufacturing through our products and services, rather than just deploying a solution.

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Get ahead of your competition with the power of Digital Transformation.


Software Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence


Our Contact Info:

Email: contact@orcalean.com

Phone Number: 248 938 0375

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