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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qi Screen

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter & analyze valuable data with ease

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for each Unique Challenge across Industries


A Problem Solving and Project Management Software based on Toyota's PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.


A Daily Improvement Dashboard for “SQDC” with optional AI integration

SolvoNext - NCR CAPA

A simplified Quality Management Software to make the shop floor NCR and CAPA process more efficient and improve COPQ

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Software Solutions for

Manufacturing Excellence

ORCA LEAN helps manufacturers improve

Key Performance Metrics ( KPI ) through

Unique Digital Solutions and AI.


Solutions that Empower the Shop Floor Teams for Best Results

Our digital solutions are based on the principle that that technology must be used to help shop floor teams in enhancing the processes that they can follow in the real world and not just in theory. Our Manufacturing Software helps accelerate the improvement in KPI ( key performance indicators ) to achieve World Class Manufacturing levels for Throughput, Quality, Cost and Environment.

Our Solutions



Smarter way to Accelerate your Improvements in Quality, Throughput, Cost and Environment.

We are a Manufacturing dedicated company, which means our solutions are geared more towards eventual success on the Shop Floor.

Smart Factory Solutions have become a need of manufacturing plants to stay competitive and improve KPI ( key performance indicators ) at a faster rate.

ORCA LEAN enables and empowers companies and shop floor teams to go from "paper" to "digital" for processes such as Quality Management, Non Conformance Reporting, Kaizen PDCA Problem Solving, KPI Dashboards, OEE Improvement, Quality Inspection and many more. AI insights are optionally embedded in our software to offer guidance and support to the users.

What is Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

In North America, the term Industry 4.0 is also popularly referred to as Smart Factory or Digital Transformation.

Essentially it is the latest 4th industrial revolution after steam, electricity and computers. We are in the age where technology can make factories smarter, faster and more efficient if it is correctly deployed through a strategic vision.

Industry 4.0 technologies includes Industrial Internet of things
( IIoT ), Machine learning ( ML ), Artificial intelligence ( AI ) and Cloud Computing in combination with latest Software stacks to deliver excellent solutions.

Smart-Factory-Industry 4.0

Why Go from Paper to Digital ?

Manufacturers are moving towards Digital Transformation to gain a Competitive Advantage.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain challenges have been tougher and staying competitive in Quality, Throughput, Cost and Sustainability is every company's priority.

  • More Companies that are investing in Digital Transformation to overcome challenges such as Labor shortage, loss of experienced knowledgeable workers, Energy Regulations, back to back product launches.
  • Everyone has become more accustomed to Smartphones and Computers. Younger workforce feels more engaged when technology is used in improvement initiatives.
  • New AI ( artificial intelligence ) and Data Synthesis technologies have made it possible to analyze and logically breakdown large data sets rather quickly, to help the frontline workers and plant management.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore our standard solutions or request a custom solution for your plant. We work with Manufacturing companies

across the industries, for small, medium or large plants, we are your partners for manufacturing excellence.


Software Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence


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