Software Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing is now a key to Competitive Advantage.

We are not just software providers. We are your Excellence Partners. Our Goal is to make you successful with solving your challenges, enhancing or simplifying your processes and improving your metrics.

Our Manufacturing Experience and Software Expertise are focused towards delivering Digital Solutions that meet your goals. We help you achieve world class manufacturing by enhancing Production, Throughput, Quality, Cost and Environmental Metrics ( KPI - Key Performance Indicators ).


Our Solutions



Our focus is Manufacturing Excellence & Easy to use Interface for Factories.

We are a Manufacturing dedicated company, which means our solutions are geared more towards Manufacturing Success and not towards just providing cool technology. We work with the factories to understand their process and culture, so we can deploy the solutions strategically and if needed customize our solutions to make the digital initiatives successful.

Our Solutions are based on following principles :

  • Acceptance by all levels of organization from Operators to Executives

  • Simple Interface, Easy to Navigate Software with no Clutter.

  • Achieve Improvement in Plant Metrics( KPI - key performance indicators )


ORCA LEAN Products: Ready to Deploy Solutions to Achieve Quality, Throughput and Sustainability Goals for Manufacturing Plants. Our focus is Manufacturing Excellence in an easy manageable way.

Custom Solutions: We work with Factories ( small, medium and large ) to design and deploy Digital Solutions based on your goals and your process.

Deployment options are flexible - Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid Mode, we work with your IT department to choose the best option.


What is Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

In North America, the term Industry 4.0 is also popularly referred to as Smart Factory or Digital Transformation.

Essentially it is the latest 4th industrial revolution ( after steam, electricity and computers ). We are in the age where technology can make factories smarter, faster and more efficient if it is correctly deployed through a strategic vision.

Industry 4.0 technologies includes Industrial Internet of things
( IIoT ), Machine learning ( ML ), Artificial intelligence ( AI ) and Cloud Computing in combination with latest Software stacks to deliver excellent solutions.

Elevate your Manufacturing to the Next Level


We provide Software Solutions
for Manufacturing Excellence

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