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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qi Screen

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter & analyze valuable data with ease

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for each Unique Challenge across Industries


A Problem Solving and Project Management Software based on Toyota's PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.


A Daily Improvement Dashboard for “SQDC” with optional AI integration

SolvoNext - NCR CAPA

A simplified Quality Management Software to make the shop floor NCR and CAPA process more efficient and improve COPQ

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SolvoNext - NCR

Non Conformance Reporting and Management made easy.

Initiate and Manage a Non Conformance Report with Simple Steps, Keep things Organized.


Streamline Your NCR Management with our Advanced Software. Save Time & Stay Organized.

Empowering Small to Midsize Factories to Efficiently Manage Non-Conformances and Boost Productivity


Simple Steps

Going Digital makes things Standardized and Fast.

Use simple steps to initiate and track the Non Conformance in Product or Process,

Use tools like Speech to Text, Mobile Responsive interface, Easy Attachments, making it easy for your Staff to follow the process.


Dashboard & Reports

Get a clean view of Metrics that matter to you.

SolvoNext - NCR makes tracking and Reporting Simpler with an inbuilt dashboard.

Automated Charts, Graphs and Tables take away that extra work you would otherwise do manually with Excel or Sheets.

* dashboards can be customized with our custom option for NCR

Approval Flows and Notifications

Keep the team on Track with Automated notifications and Easy Management to communicate to relevant team members for specific NCR's.

Approve, Reject, Edit reports easily.

An organized and disciplined approach to ensuring success.


Artificial Intelligence ( optional )

AI can be very useful to you as a Manager or a Problem Solver. Our goal is to customize the system for your specific needs so that you only get the most helpful insights that are relevant to your decision making and problem solving process. Some examples include include Pattern recognition, Diagnostic analytics, Descriptive analytics, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Synthesis, Inferences, Advanced Process Mapping for Source identification, Automatic communications and many more.


Standard Version

Our Standard version is Ready to Deploy.
Get Started Quickly.

Custom Version

Need Modifications to Suit your Process ?
We will work with you on Customizations.

Data Security at Highest Level


Amazon Cloud Computing with ultra high security


Your Company Local Server


Your company preferred Cloud

Deployment Options

Data security is of highest importance to us as much as it is to you. Our standard deployment comes with ultra high security Amazon AWS, trusted by several companies around the globe. In addition, we made our systems also deployable to your local server or any other preferred cloud partner your company may be already using.

  • Non Conformance Management & Reporting

  • Quality Control and Improvement

  • Compliance Management

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Reports and Analysis

  • Communication

  • Building a Knowledge Library of Problems and Actions

  • Achieve Corporate Goals and Metrics

Q. How long does it take to deploy the software and get started?

SolvoNext - NCR Standard version can be deployed within 3 to 5 hours if you chose our standard AWS cloud deployment. For on premise or hybrid deployment, the estimated range is 2 to 3 days.

Q. Who gets access to the application?

Only the People you authorize. Trusted people in your organization will have Admin rights to add or remove users.

Q. How secure is the data?

The data with AWS is highly secured, it's a trusted partner for several major companies around the globe. We are open to install the solution to your local server for your peace of mind as well as to any other major cloud provider that your company already uses. Just get us in touch with your ICT department and we will be happy to answer all data security questions.

Q. What other features are available ? I want to add more features and Customizations.

We understand that every factory is different and may have unique requirements. SolvoNext - NCR is open for customization for this very reason. Please contact us and we will set up a meeting to understand your requirements and provide a solution that will be unique for your plant requirements.

Q. How do you use AI - Artificial Intelligence ? Is this Optional ?

Yes, AI integration is totally Optional. If you are interested in AI, we will have a discussion about your goals and suggest the best solution. AI can be very helpful in analyzing large data sets and also to get insights on problem solving. The key is availability of good data.

Q. I have more questions, who should i contact?

You can book a Demo or email us at contact@orcalean.com with your questions.


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