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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qi Screen

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter & analyze valuable data with ease

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for each Unique Challenge across Industries


A Problem Solving and Project Management Software based on Toyota's PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.


A Daily Improvement Dashboard for “SQDC” with optional AI integration

SolvoNext - NCR CAPA

A simplified Quality Management Software to make the shop floor NCR and CAPA process more efficient and improve COPQ

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Qi Screen (AI)

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter valuable data with ease

Achieve Quality and Continuous Improvement results faster. Ideal for processes that require data inputs from shop floor, such as Quality inspection, Floor Audits, Gemba Walks, Repairs, Six Sigma projects phase and many more


Quality Improvement using the power of Visuals, Problem Details & Insights.


Qi Screen is a Digital Platform that helps in improving efficiency of any Manufacturing process that requires inputs from Humans.

It is great for :

  • Plants that have Manual Operations and Inspections.

  • Surface Defects Inspections in Stampings, Plastics, Body in White and Paint Shops.

  • Plants that want to capture and share data effectively to improve kpi's faster.

It is most beneficial to :

  • Quality Managers and Production Managers

  • Quality Engineers or Problem Solvers in factories.

  • Blue Collar team members, operators or inspectors.

Use Cases for Manufacturing

The Qi-screen eliminates the need for frontline shop floor personnel to read or type long sentences before data inputs. It saves time, and reduces mistakes often made while capturing valuable data.

Online Inspections

Off Line Inspections

Floor Audits & Gemba walks

Supplier Quality

Six Sigma Projects

Repair Data

( metals, plastics, paint )

Surface Defects


Surface Defects


It's really so simple

  • Upload Images & enter basic admin details

  • Use Touchscreen or Mouse Click to Start Capturing Data.

  • Add detailed comments, type or speak

  • View Live Graphics

  • Download Historical Data

  • Ask us about Customizations that work for your plant


High Data Input Accuracy.
Less Mistakes.
Reduced Cycle time.
Capture problems better.


Water leak in the car.
Water leaks inside the car from Left Front A post. It drips
close to the IP dashboard. Its only on MK20 models.

Better Problem Definition.
Solve Problems Faster.


Contain Problems Faster .
React to Top Problems

AI - Manufacturing

ORCA AI - tell me about Water leaks ?

Sure ! In the past 3 months, water leaks have been your 3rd largest problem. 80 % of the issues pertain to water leak from A post. 95 % of these A post leaks are on MK 20 models. 50 % of the time its found on Shift 1, 30 % on shift 2 and 20 % in shift 3. The trend is not looking good, in the past 3 months, this problem has increased by 15 %.

Key Insights to make
decisions fast
Faster problem solving
Faster Improvement

Want to Add Detailed Comments? - Type or Speak

Listening to the factory floor is a great idea. Give your operators that flexibility to record what they see. After inputting the data through a single click or touch, they can either type in more details or they can just use the Microphone and our program will type the detailed comments for them. The comments will be visible to the operator as he / she types it & will get recorded for a download. Management or Engineers can use this valuable information to improve their processes.


Data Input : Metal is damaged.

Detailed Comments :

  • Metals box has a damage on front right side.

  • Metal is scratched on the top side, about 2 inches from the black line.

  • Metal color is coming off.

  • etc…


Stationary or Portable as per your application


Artificial Intelligence

AI can significantly help you as a Manager or Problem Solver to improve your Plant Metrics. Our goal is to design and customize the system for your specific needs so that you only get the most helpful insights that are relevant to your decision making and problem solving process. We will work with you to understand the objectives and customize the solution accordingly.

AI Applications include Pattern recognition, Big Data Synthesis, Inference from historical data, Advanced Process Mapping for Source identification, Predictive Analytics, Notification, Automatic communications and many more.

AI - Manufacturing


Qi Screen : Standard

$199 / Month per screen

$299 / Month with AI integration

Standard plan gives you all features for managing daily operations and continuous improvement for your shop floor teams. Learning time < 30 mins.

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  • Upto 9 images on single screen
  • Role based access control
  • Access from anywhere
  • Use grouping functions
  • Text to speech
  • Enter comments for each selection if needed.
  • Responsive for most screen sizes
  • Admin controlled authorization
  • Hardware is not included, see FAQ’s

Qi “Surface” : For Surface Inspections

$299 / month per screen

$399 / month per screen with AI

Surface Version allows you to define touchpoints on a part image that you upload. You can also set up defect types and job shifts for data inputs.

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  • Ideal for Inspecting large surfaces and easily data.
  • Role based access control.
  • Text to speech
  • Enter comments for each selection if needed.
  • Access from anywhere
  • Responsive for most screen sizes but recommended for 21 inch or higher
  • Admin controlled authorization
  • Hardware is not included, see FAQ’s

Customized / Enterprise

Talk to Us

We can customize the touchscreen software as per the needs of your shop floor use case. Consider adding multiple screens, more images, escalation process, internal chats, alerts and notifications and many more features.

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  • Fully Custom features while maintaining the same touchscreen capabilities.
  • Customized deployment - your on premise server or your preferred company cloud, or a hybrid model.
  • We work with you to understand your objectives, design and develop the software as per your needs.
  • Talk to us to learn more

Choose the Deployment Options based on your Company Policies


ORCA LEAN Standard AWS Deployment


Deploy in your Company's On Premise Server


Deployment in your Company's Cloud


  • Quality Inspection - inline and offline

  • Quality - Material Sorting

  • Batch inspection

  • Six Sigma - DMAIC - Data Collection at various stages

  • Temporary single process data collection

  • Various Polls

  • Rework - data collection

  • Several other applications

  • Custom applications

  • Floor Audits

  • Surface Defects & Quality Paint Quality

  • ISD (In Station Damage) improvements


  • First Time Quality Improvement

  • Gemba Walks more efficient

  • Faster Problem Solving

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Shift to Shift Comparisons

  • Supplier Quality improvement

  • Effective Material Sorting

  • Scrap Reduction

  • Cost of Quality Improvement

Q. I don't have Hardware like Touchscreen or PC combination, do you provide it ?

For certain local US and Canada customers, we can provide a hardware set using a PO which includes :

  • 24 Inch Touch Monitor with Mini PC or 24 inch all in one pc

  • Keyboard & Mouse

  • Electronic Height Adjustable Stand

  • If you prefer Different Screen Size or Computer Stand, please contact us, we will work with you for optimal set up.

Q. How many images can i upload ?

With standard versions you can upload upto 9 images. If you have additional requirements, consider customized option, talk to us to learn more.

Q. How secured is the data, what are the deployment options ?

The data with AWS is highly secured, its a trusted partner for several major companies around the globe. We are open to install the solution to your local server for your peace of mind as well as to any other major cloud provider that your company already uses. Just get us in touch with your ICT department and we will be happy to answer all data security questions.

Q. How secured is the data ?

The data with AWS is highly secured, its a trusted partner for several major companies around the globe. We are open to install the solution to your local server for your peace of mind as well as to any other major cloud provider that your company already uses. Just get us in touch with your ICT department and we will be happy to answer all data security questions.

Q. Any particular browsers ?

The program will work on any browser. We however recommend using chrome.

Q. What is a user and Admin ?

Users are the personnel authorized to enter data. This can be a one time login and you leave the system on or if you turn off the system you can come back and login, you will see the same screen, just like your personal email. There can be multiple users assigned to one screen - one for each shift in some cases. However this is usually decided by the appointed Admin within your plant or company. With the Admin login, you can upload images and alter all the details for the screen, you can also add or delete users.

Q. How many users can we have ? How many Admins ?

This is really your choice. The standard package includes upto 5 users and 1 admin max. If you want to add more please let us know, however we recommend to keep users and admins limited for better control.

Q. What other features are available ? I want to add more features like automatic reports, or notifications ?

We understand that every factory is different and may have unique requirements. Our QS7 version is open for customization for this very reason. Please contact us and we will set up a meeting to understand your requirements and provide a solution that will unique for your plant requirements.

Q. I have more questions, who should i contact ?

Just call us or You can email us at contact@orcalean.com with subject line “ Qi Screen Questions “ , we will be happy to answer your questions.

Q. What type of devices can it be used on ?

Qi Screen can be used on Tablets and Computers. Many factories prefer touchscreen monitors for the ease of use and some prefer using the mouse.


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