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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qi Screen

A Touchscreen Software to help your shop floor teams enter & analyze valuable data with ease

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for each Unique Challenge across Industries


A Problem Solving and Project Management Software based on Toyota's PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) method.


A Daily Improvement Dashboard for “SQDC” with optional AI integration

SolvoNext - NCR CAPA

A simplified Quality Management Software to make the shop floor NCR and CAPA process more efficient and improve COPQ

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A Unique Mobile and Web Software that helps Manage and Solve Problems Faster with Improved Team Communication.

Qualitygram helps Leaders, Managers and their shop floor teams to initiate, track and close out the issues in an organized way.



Qualitygram is a Digital Solution that helps manufacturing plants solve problems faster in order to get speedy gains in KPIs ( key performance indicators ). It is also a Management Tool for Leaders & Managers to drive Continuous Improvement at high pace in an organized way.


An Advanced Mobile and Web Application to Manage Problems Centrally & Get Faster Problem Solving.

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Reduce the time between Issue Discovery and Issue Resolution.

Empower your team to initiate problems and engage in problem solving instantly from wherever they are. Qualitygram can be used for Gemba Walks where you log issues as soon as you find them or if you are off site at a supplier, OEM or a dealership. The instant capture, share and track features eliminate multiple email and text messages and keep things organized.

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Clear Web Reports to keep everyone on Track and have Effective Meetings

Qualitygram web application allows you to view more detailed reports and easily access each issue in detail, which makes navigating from issue to issue a breeze in the meetings, saving a lot of your valuable time. Qualitygram is a great management tool to keep things on track and solve problems faster.

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QUALITYGRAM is built on Leadership & Management Principles that work in the Real World

Solve Problems Faster

Initiate issues quickly through smart phone, track the updates and close them faster.

Engage your Teams Instantly

Select the groups and notify team members instantly. Chat and exchange information, ideas, pictures, videos to solve the issues as a team. Keep the team engaged and informed.

Acquire and use the Knowledge

Retain the problem solving knowledge, root cause and action items. Use this knowledge in future for repeat issues or similar issues. Use this knowledge for future launches and preventive measures.


Communication must be clear, quick and decluttered. Reduce the clutter of multiple emails, attachments and text messages, eliminate the delays and confusions, manage everything in one place with Qualitygram.

Discipline & Culture

When expectations are well set about pace and depth of problem solving required and progress is tracked, team members automatically develop a discipline and culture. Qualitygram helps you achieve this with live tracking and notifications.

Mobility & Accessibility

Life of people in a factory is busy and challenging. Giving your team options to engage while they are mobile and access information easily, to eliminate delays in problem solving.


Manage Problems during New Product or Process Launch

A typical launch sees 3 to 5 times more problems compared to a stable production phase. Qualitygram helps you to instantly engage cross functional teams and take problems to closure. You no more need paper or excel files and individual pictures library, Qualitygram is all in one application and keeps everything organized.

Improve KPI ( Key Performance Indicators ) Faster

As you Solve problems faster, KPI will also improve faster. Typically a standard kaizen or project takes between 0 to 30 days to solve, an intermediate takes between 30 to 60 days and complex problems take more than 90 days to solve. What is your average time to solve problems ? Once an organization knows how to improve this pace, they see a real uptick on their KPI improvements as well. Qualitygram is a useful management tool for Leaders and Managers to keep the team engaged and achieve those KPI improvements faster.


Artificial Intelligence

Our manufacturing software is at the forefront of AI integration, leveraging advanced technologies such as Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform how data is interacted with and analyzed on the shop floor. With optional AI capabilities, users can input data and soon engage in natural language conversations with our software. This AI-driven interface supports real-time querying and deep analysis, providing tailored insights through an intuitive, conversational user experience.

Our Software plays a crucial role in capturing and analyzing experience based knowledge from retiring employees, preserving essential insights and techniques. This structured knowledge is then made accessible to new staff, ensuring continuity and maintaining operational excellence as workforce demographics evolve. Choose our AI-enhanced manufacturing software for a safe, reliable, and insightful addition to your operational toolkit, ensuring that your shop floor remains innovative and competitive.




$499 /Month

Standard plan includes mobile and web applications for floor teams. Learning time < 30 mins.

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  • Mobile Application secured access
  • Web application secured access
  • Initiate Issues, barcode scanning, add part numbers and defect names
  • Use grouping functions
  • Chat with your Teams about specific issues as you solve them
  • Reports
  • Live feed for issue management
  • Email and push Notifications
  • Role based access control
  • Access to multiple plants within same company, authorization controlled by your admin

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

$699 /Month

Standard features plus Artificial Intelligence large language model integrated for insights and analysis.

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  • All Standard Features included.
  • Data synthesis and analysis with AI.
  • Chat with AI and ask any questions regarding the data, comments or any information you have saved in Qualitygram for your plant.
  • Build a knowledge library of root cause and corrective actions.

Customized / Enterprise

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Customized version as per your needs and specific plant use case. Enterprise deployment as per your requirements.

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  • Customized Features.
  • Customized deployment - your on premise server or your preferred company cloud, or a hybrid model.
  • We work with you to understand your objectives, design and develop the software as per your needs.
  • Talk to us about enterprise solution, for multiple plants / locations / changes in user management or any other requirements.

Choose the Deployment Options based on your Company Policies


ORCA LEAN Standard AWS Deployment


Deploy in your Company's On Premise Server


Deployment in your Company's Cloud

Need Customization ?

Let our team help you find the right solution !

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We understand and respect the fact that every plant has different challenges, organizational structure and culture. We will work with you to understand your requirements and customize Qualitygram to best fit your needs. It is our goal to help you in your improvement initiatives for successful results.


  • Quality Improvement

  • Throughput Improvement

  • Gemba Walks

  • Supplier Quality

  • ISO Audits

  • Process Audits

  • Campaigns for Quality Control

  • ISD (in station damage)

  • Paint Quality

  • Surface Defects

  • Safety, Maintenance, Environment


  • First Time Quality Improvement

  • Cost of Quality Improvement

  • Production Attainment & Efficiency

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Cushion against Attrition

  • Meet Launch Metrics

  • Scorecard improvement at high pace

  • Achieve Corporate Goals

Q. Is this a smart phone app or a web app ?

Qualitygram is available for both phone and web applications, just like your email, everything is synchronized on any device you use.

Q. Who gets access to the application?

Trusted people in your organization will have Admin rights to add or remove users. Admins can also form groups e.g Quality, production, Plastic, metal, so only the relevant issues are visible to concerned people.

Q. How secure is the data ?

The data with AWS is highly secured, it's a trusted partner for several major companies around the globe. We are open to install the solution to your local server for your peace of mind as well as to any other major cloud provider that your company already uses. Just get us in touch with your ICT department and we will be happy to answer all data security questions.

Q. What other features are available ? I want to add more features like automatic reports, or notifications ?

We understand that every factory is different and may have unique requirements. Qualitygram is open for customization for this very reason. Please contact us and we will set up a meeting to understand your requirements and provide a solution that will be unique for your plant requirements.

Q. I have more questions, who should i contact ?

You can book a Demo or email us at contact@orcalean.com with your questions.


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